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Balance de la vendimia 2020 | Reserva de la Tierra


The 2020 harvest has lived up to expectations and ended with favorable results, despite being the most demanding we have ever faced.

COVID-19, the stress produced by the persistent mildew, the heavy rainfall and the high temperatures in mid-September did not bode well for the 2020 harvest, but in the end the results are very positive.

This year more than ever, winegrowers, oenologists and everyone else who took part in the atypical 2020 harvest have shown great professionalism in the face of all the challenges presented by the current campaign. They have given their all and this shows in the excellent results: grapes that fulfil excellent health and quality standards.

The 2020 harvest has not been the same for everyone, as can be appreciated in the different areas in which Reserva de la Tierra is present. The most representative of these areas are:

2020 CROP – D.O.Ca. RIOJA

In early summer the grapevines suffered from water stress due to scarce rainfall. But fortunately by mid to late September there was enough rain for the grapes to ripen and recover fully.

The acidity of the grapes is slightly lower than previous years, but they are of a much higher quality. The wines from the 2020 vintage will taste strongly of grape and of the land of their origin.


The 2020 harvest began at the beginning of September. The winter rains were followed by a dry and sunny spring and summer, the vines had enough water reserve throughout their growth cycle to guarantee the right amount of sugars and acidity.

This year’s production decreased by around 50% due to mildew, a disease which affected the grapevines of several estates in their entirety.


In Terra Alta, fortunately only around 25% of the vines were affected by mildew. Our vineyards consist of old vines that are indigenous to the region, something which has helped us to achieve an excellent quality of grape.

Without a doubt, the results of the 2020 harvest are very positive and this vintage will be remembered in years to come. Other than in a few cases, both the growth cycle of the vines and the harvest have been carried out successfully and the quality of the grape is excellent.

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