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DOCa Rioja 2019, an excellent vintage | Resereva de la Tierra


On June 12, the Plenary of the Rioja regulatory Council rated the 2019 vintage as EXCELLENT’, a feat that had not been achieved since 2011.

This recognition is the outcome of a rigorous and transparent assessment process that consists of the analysis and tasting of all the wines made in the Designation of Origin. After an optimal grape ripening, extraordinary results have been observed during the assessment of the fermentation tanks. A panel of 150 professionals tasted more than 4,500 samples.

Pablo Franco, director of the Regulatory Council’s Control Body, summarized the 2019 campaign, referring to the excellent health and vegetative situation of the grapevines and the condition of the bunches, which are loose, well aerated and accompanied by rather healthy plants. In Franco’s own words, “The year was marked by the stability of the vines‘ growth, despite several local incidents caused by meteorological phenomena of little significance on a general level”.

2019 is “THE vintage”

With regard to the resulting wines, the director of the Council’s Control Body highlighted the quality of the wines, emphasising the extraordinary maturity in the tannins: “Round and very silky tannins that have marked the red wines from the moment they were made, which is a pleasant surprise as they are already expressing themselves now and particularly in wines with such a high polyphenolic content as this year’s, in which the TPIs define a marked structure, with intense colours. It is also worth noting the consolidation of lighter tones in the colour of the rosé wines, with a predominant aromatic expression towards more floral notes. The white wines are very expressive, standing out for their great volume in the mouth, in line with what has been seen in the reds. The commitment to local varieties and the great evolution in the quality of its production also stand out“.

As Pablo Franco puts it, “There is no doubt that, given the performance of the vineyard and in turn what has been revealed in the wines, the 2019 vintage is ‘THE vintage’. A vintage which reflects the true mastery of time management by the grape growers and winemakers”.

Now, the challenge for the Designation of Origin is “to rethink the future in light of the new economic situation with the aim of re-establishing a balance between supply and demand and laying the foundations for the future”, according to the president of the Regulatory Council, Fernando Salamero.

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