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Reserva de la Tierra

2020 An atypical campaign


Winegrowers have dealt in 2020 with an atypical and very hard campaign that will be remembered in the books of history, both for the Covid’s lockdown and for the weather conditions. The vineyard has suffered some damage, but it cannot be said that it was a bad campaign, on the opposite, it is expected to be a very high-quality grape. Except for some very specific cases, the vineyard has developed correctly, with an optimal vegetative and productive balance.

Even if there are some differences in the degree of maturation depending on the area of Spain, the final phase in the vineyards has arrived. The grapes will reach its optimal maturation in the coming weeks and this will be key to its quality. A time of false rest for winemakers. A few weeks where you can only control the maturation of the grape, but it is of great concern and nervousness.

Now the quality of the grapes is excellent in all the regions where Reserva de la Tierra is present, although the amount of production expected has been somewhat reduced in recent months. In La Mancha there have been some stone showers, but only in a few very localized areas of Ciudad Real. In D.O. Terra Alta, D.O.Q. Priorat and D.O. Montsant regions there has been a spread of the mildew fungus which has been controlled immediately.

Vegetative cycle of the vine and field work

Flowering in May, fruit set in June and veraison in July are the three phases of the vegetative cycle that have just taken place in the vineyard.

Flowering and fruit set were characterized by favorable weather conditions for good development, good temperatures, and plenty of sunlight, although spring was rainier than usual. Veraison closes the cycle of the vine, the prelude to the grape harvest. The veraison not only means that the grape has acquired its own color, but it is also maturing and gaining the essential compounds for the must such as sugars.

During the last 3 months the work in vineyards has consisted of carrying out green pruning and some treatments against mildew. Now all that remains is to collect the fruits of the work of this atypical year.

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