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Reserva de la Tierra

Enlightenment Old Vines | Reserva de la Tierra


Enlightenment Old Vines are our two wines made from the grapes of old vines. But it’s not just about age and for Reserva de la Tierra this term means so much more.

For us, “old” really means experience, knowledge and wisdom. As the years go by, the vines blend into their surroundings, becoming a part of them and of the slow but inevitable changes caused by the passage of time. The vines acquire the experience of the earth in which they grow, and we can see the scars on their trunks from years gone by, from each harvest and each pruning.

Enlightenment highlights the wisdom of these old vines. They are not your everyday wines, they shine with their own light, a product of the knowledge gathered in the vineyards. Currently we only make two wines which come from two small plots, one is of the grenache variety and the other of the tempranillo variety. Only two wines because we don’t use just any grapes to make them – our winemakers only choose a few batches of grapes that give off a special luminosity.

When choosing the plots, our winemakers look for the best performing vines. Vines that will better overcome the excess and lack of water due to their deeper and more extensive roots. Their branches show the scars of annual pruning, which results in fewer and smaller grapes, and therefore more concentrated aromas and flavors.

As a result, Enlightenment Old Vines wines are very refined, more structured, and have higher quality and more intense aromas.

Reserva de la Tierra will choose selected vintages to make the Enlightenment Old Vines. The aim of our winemakers is to decide on a yearly basis whether any of the plots hold the necessary characteristics for our exclusive collection.

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