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Harvest 2019 Balance | Reserva de la Tierra


Harvest is our most special time of the year. During approximately two months we pick up the fruits of a year of work and we put an end to a long wait, intense working hours and great worries about weather conditions. Every vintage has special characteristics that differentiates it from the rest, there are not two identic ones. Harvest 2019 has been influenced by high temperatures and low rainfall causing a production drop.

This decrease has been well compensated with higher quality grape, optimum ripeness and sanitary status, and high levels of sugar concentration.

We are currently working in a large number of regions and Designations of Origin but we should highlight the three most relevant.

HARVEST 2019 – D.O.Ca. Rioja

2019 Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin’s harvest has been lower than 2018 but clearly superior quality characteristics and an optimal vegetative state. Moreover, the campaign started more than a week in advance. Fewer vine clusters and smaller grapes promise wines with great concentration and ageing potential.

Definitively, it has been a quality harvest with elements that allow us to risk and elaborate, once again unique wines thought to winelovers.

D.O.Q. Priorat

At the end of August, we started the harvest 2019 in Priorat Qualified Designation of Origin and it has lasted for a month and a half.

The general features of this harvest are that it was fast and continuous, and with excellent sanitary grapes. In addition, during September there were no rains that interrupted us the harvest.

The production for this year has fallen between 10-15% in some plots, and up to 35% in Carignan plots. Unlike some other regions, alcohol degree in this harvest will be the same approximately as last year.

D.O. Terra Alta

This year is characterized by being especially dry, the reason why 2019 harvest is 5% lower.

Luckily, our vineyards are old vines of native varieties used to suffer water stress, which has given grapes a great quality. Grains have grown small with a high polyphenol concentration and high degree.

During September we had constant rainfall followed up by Cierzo winds that dried vineyards. This provoked that harvest 2019 predictions were met, and we could value it as excellent.

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