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Reserva de la Tierra

New Image Don Paulo Bodeguero | Reserva de la Tierra


We’re launching a new image for Don Paulo Bodeguero, a further step in the evolution of a wine which, having been around for more than 45 years, is still produced using traditional methods.

Don Paulo Bodeguero was first produced as a cosechero wine — an annual, young and pleasant wine which conserves its key characteristics of freshness and a fruity flavour. It hit the market in 1972 and was a real commercial success, soon becoming a cornerstone of the company’s sales in Spain.

The new Don Paulo Bodeguero label has been created with very clean lines, retaining the original signature and colours. The brand’s logo is its distinguishing feature and a key element of the product, reflecting the brand’s core values: tradition and craftsmanship.

Don Paulo Bodeguero’ new image is designed to act as a link between its history and the way in which it is prepared.

Don Paulo Bodeguero: My History

Let me introduce myself: my name is Paulo. My life has been connected to the vineyard for as long as I can remember.  This means I have a very close and intimate relationship with it, it’s part of my life. Each season, each stage and each step of the winemaking process makes me fall more in love with it.

It’s winter and the grapevines are resting and weeping. Although they may appear sad, I see it as a very special time for connection with them. They are gathering inner strength for what is to come.

In spring, the small, tender shoots begin to appear, immediately transforming the vineyards into a sea of green leaves. It’s a joy to behold!

In the summer, I love discovering the little grapes and watching them grow. But, at the same time, I keep an eye on the weather, the rain, the temperature, the wind… Constant care is needed.

At last we reach the end of the summer… And harvest time! This means it’s all hands on deck as the grapes must be harvested when they are at their best — not before, not after.

Once the grapes have been carefully selected, we take them to the winery. This is where the winemaker takes over, even though I follow the process closely! It’s a very important and delicate time. That’s why the “discussions” I have with the winemaker can be very heated, but we always find a way to agree in the end.

Finally, after a great deal of hard work and effort, we are rewarded with the end product, this wonderful liquid — wine!

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