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Kaizen Spirit | Reserva de la Tierra


A few weeks ago, we explained that at Reserva de la Tierra we have directed our organizational culture towards Lean Philosophy. But changes have not remained just in that. We have also adjusted our projects to Kaizen Spirit.

Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.

Kaizen is nearly a “Life Philosophy” rather than a business system. It is based on doing things a little better every day, with small and progressive changes. Kaizen projects are based on continuous improvements.

The 10 points of Kaizen Spirit

Kaizen Philosophy can be summarized by the following ten points. These ideas are not rigid rules or standards. They are a compilation of tips or concepts, based on continuous changes.

  • Discard conventional fixed ideas. Reject current state of things.
  • Instead of explaining what cannot be done, reflect about how it can be done.
  • Do not make excuses. Start bay questioning current practices.
  • Go for the simple solution, not the perfect one.
  • Correct mistakes right away.
  • Use your wit, not your wallet.
  • Problems are opportunities.
  • Ask ” why? ” five times and seek root causes.
  • There is no end to improvement.
  • Seek the wisdom of ten people rather than the knowledge of one.

In short, Kaizen means that every small thing that we do, every waste that we eliminate will bring us closer to our goal. Involves going at our own pace, striving a little more each day to go a little further.

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