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Reserva de la Tierra

Loco Barber Augmented Reality | Reserva de la Tierra


Reserva de la Tierra has brought their new range of Loco Barber wines with augmented reality to Spain, having already done so in Germany and the USA.

A project that is generating a lot of curiosity

Loco Barber embraces an exciting innovation with the integration of Augmented Reality. By downloading the Wines & Stories app and scanning the labels, consumers can immerse themselves in the terrifying Barcelona of 1789.

This is a true innovation in the Spanish wine sector.

Loco Barber is based on the tale of a murderous barber who, as legend has it, existed in Barcelona three centuries ago. The same story is told from four different points of view, that of the murderer, the lover, the policeman and the prisoner, who come to life in each of the wine bottles.


Loco Barber Augmented Reality

Barcelona, 1789. A stranger in the city, a delicious stew in a guesthouse, a gloomy barbershop… Suddenly, a barber with a razor in his hand and a villainous look in his bloodshot eyes…


The Lover | Reserva de la Tierra


I fell madly in love with him. He showed me his barbershop and when I went in for the first time I felt a strange shudder. Life together was not what I had dreamt of, but I still loved him…


The Policeman | Reserva de la Tierra


I’ve always had one obsession: to prove that the serial killer was him, the barber. For many years I followed different leads, all of which turned out to be false and got me nowhere.


Loco Barber Prisoner Augmented Reality


I have been kept within these four square metres for five years, returning to the darkness that has accompanied me all my life. I don’t understand how I got into this situation. They really should have thanked me for getting rid of them! ….

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