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It has been more than 60 years since our family is part of this wonderful world of wine. The first steps were given by my parents in San Rafael, province of Mendoza in Argentina. In those lands so far away and yet so endearing to the Spanish emigrants, it was there where with a great enthusiasm, tenacity and much effort they made their first wines.


Years later, with much accumulated experience they decided to return to their origin in Spain following a new dream. From that time until today, Reserva de la Tierra has not left a single moment working, from tradition to innovation in each and every one of the Group’s initiatives.

Today our company is admired and respected around the world for its constant adaptation to changes, its innovative vision and its respect for work in harmony with environment. A special mention is to be made of our values regarding the people who are a key part of this great family. We especially value honesty and above all the entrepreneurship.

Finally, I want to express an immense pride in the realization that with passion. effort and constant dedication we have been fulfilling all our expectations. Our vineyards, our wineries, our wines are nothing but dreams come true.


Reserva de la Tierra – Wines & Vineyards