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Reserva de la Tierra

Renewed Corporate Image | Reserva de la Tierra


Reserva de la Tierra has renewed its corporate image to give a greater weight to its values and to strengthen its position as a modern, international and a dynamic winery.

We change the appearance, but not our essence

It’s an evolution of our logotype that keeps representing our core values but in an ever-renewed way.  Simplified typefaces, maintaining corporate colors and highlighting our main objective: excellent wines made for and by our consumers.

The sun symbol over our vineyards is maintained but modernized to faithfully reflect the identity of Reserva de la Tierra.  An identity that breaks with the classic and traditional image of a winery, establishing a more direct and closer link with our consumers.


The renewed corporate image of the Wine Group represents a new era for Reserva de la Tierra. By developing new products and updating the old ones, the winery is carrying out a transformation towards a different future – more social, closer and more responsible.

Everything working together with our consumers

The new corporate image reflects a collaborative philosophy of work between the company and the people – our WineLovers.

We start the production of our wines with the end in mind – with the WineLovers. From the harvest to the bottling we consider our consumer’s opinions. They tell us which wines and which labels they like and what price they would pay. Thus, we are able to produce the desired and unique wines.

We must also understand this restyling of the corporate image within a context of an internationalization project that Reserva de la Tierra is experiencing. An evolution of a brand that seeks to bring its values closer to international markets where the company has experienced a strong growth in the last years.

Life, fashion, business… Everything evolves, and our brand also undergoes updates in accordance with the needs of our customers. Our origins, our deep roots in the earth, our values all remain the same – we simply adapt to the new times.

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