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Reserva de la Tierra

Reserva de la Tierra investment


At Reserva de la Tierra we have reinforced our production and warehouse capacity with an investment of around 1.5 million euro, given the strong growth and expansion of the company. The investments of Reserva de la Tierra for this year 2020 have focused on our main winery, adapting the finished product warehouse and remodeling the bottling lines.

This year 2020 we have focused on gaining in automation and efficiency in our main warehouse. – affirms the Director of Operations of the Group, Francisco Soler

In the logistics warehouse, works have been carried out to make available two new loading docks. This will speed up logistics work, increasing the efficiency of loading trucks. In addition, a vertical automatic warehouse has been implemented. This allows stocking at five heights. The investment of Reserva de la Tierra in the logistics aspect has been around € 500,000.


In the bottling lines, the refurbishment has focused on automating the entire bottling process from start to end. From the depalletizing of the bottles to the packaging of the final pallet. In addition, a new line focused on top quality wines has been added. That line helps to meet the specific needs of this product segment with shorter bottling series, such as special editions. The global investment in the lines has been almost one million €. With this new bottling line, there are already 7 in total, increasing our production capacity by 7%.

Francisco Soler comments “This project has been a great challenge for all of us for various reasons, the most important of all has been not to interrupt the daily work of our winery and to continue supplying our wines to customers without delays or incidents”.

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