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Rosé wine, a new temptation | Reserva de la Tierra


Although rosé wine is commonly associated to summers, this type of wine is consumed during all year. Because… who has not felt tempted by a beautiful and fresh rosé on a day sunset?

In recent years, rosé wines have become a true global phenomenon. In particular, Provençal-style rosé with its pale color is in high demand, although pink and “onion skin” rosé is also popular. Their success lies in the fact that they are increasingly quality wines and, in their versatility to accompany different meals.

Simply we could say that a rosé wine is like a white wine but elaborated with red grapes. From the skins we extract the color and aromas. Winemakers decide for each wine, how log do they leave macerating the must with the skins. The more time passes, the darker rosé color will be.


Some consumers began drinking pale rosé on a whim and slowly but surely it has become a global trend.

According to a study by Rosé Wines World Tracking, over the last 17 years the consumption of rosé wine has increased by 40%, reaching 25.6 million hectolitres, the highest figure since the entity has existed. In comparison, the consumption of still wine in broad terms has only risen by 5%. France is the main consumer, with 34% of the world’s consumption, followed by the United States and Germany.

Historically, Premium Rosé Wines were only made in France, but other countries are increasingly positioning their own pale rosé within this high-end market segment. Spain is currently the third largest premium rosé wine producer, after France and the United States.

Reserva de la Tierra has launched its first “pale rosé” wines, being a success in Europe, South America and the USA. Our new rosé wines, apart from their great quality, are bottled with some special bottled that we have designed in order to enhance the beauty of its color.

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