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Reserva de la Tierra

Soliterra - Sun, land and people | Reserva de la Tierra


The sun and the land are the essence of wines. They are what make them unique. At Reserva de la Tierra we are sure of this because, year in year out, we produce wine that comes from a variety of places.

Year after year we get the chance to taste a large array of wines made from the same varieties of grapes, but which are very different from one another. This has left us with no doubt that the place of origin holds great importance. The sun and the land may only be the climate and the substrate, but they make all the difference in the resulting wine.

This is how Soliterra comes to be. It is the blend of a unique Priorat soil with the Mediterranean sun. Exclusive wines with their own personalities. Wines that exude Priorat.

Soliterra Iconic is a solitary soul. This wine embodies the nature of Priorat, the light of its sun and the resilience of the soil. It reflects the landscape – a hard and inhospitable terroir, yet one which holds much beauty.
Soliterra Iconic embodies the light and aromas absorbed by the vines. Made from the classic varieties of the designation of origin – Garnacha and Cariñena – this wine is a real treat, the magic of which captivates immediately. A full-bodied wine with a lot of character which, upon tasting, brings one of those beautiful landscapes to life on a certain point of our palate, exploding suddenly into a million different sensations that penetrate each and every corner of our brain.

Soliterra Esfèric represents the essence of Priorat. Made from very characteristic vineyards, some due to their difficult accessibility, others due to the large amount of sun they receive and others which grow under the watchful eye of a mountain … Esfèric has a little of each of these vineyards since it is made from three distinct grape varieties from three different estates: Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cariñena. All these are selected with a great deal of care, placing a lot of value on the best time for harvesting each variety. A laborious task which requires a lot of patience.
The resulting wine is very balanced, very personal, and has a unique soul.

Behind the taste of the Soliterra Edición Limitada hides the hard work of small winemakers. Many hours of hard work, more than can be counted, go into this wine. It is a symbol of the lives given body and soul to the wine making process. Soliterra Edición Limitada is not your usual wine. It embodies the effort, hard work and emotions of its producers. This wine simply leaves its mark.

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