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The group wineries.


One of the most modern bottling facilities in Europe and the greatest winery of Reserva de la Tierra. The winery has 7 automatic bottling lines for products in different formats such as glass bottles, Bag in Box or Sleeve, which allow a very high and flexible production capacity. The facilities and the proximity of the main land and sea communication routes, make this plant a perfect logistics center for exporting to the whole world.



The winery’s most precious secret is a state where the oldest Grenache vines in the entire Denomination grow. Besides the estate has 220 hectares of vines, 100% Tempranillo, the reigning variety of Rioja red wines. It is the most popular variety in Spain (although it goes by different names) owing to the body and structure that characterize its wines. It also evolves more slowly than other varieties, which makes it perfect for aging.



The winery is located in the west of the Priorat, with 34 hectares of vineyards and a storage capacity of 500.000 liters. The estates where the vines are grown are on steep hillsides and terraces whose slate earth is known as licorella and is typical of the Priorat region.



The winery covers 100 hectares of vineyards that yield 450.000 kg of grapes, all of the Tempranillo variety, also called locally there Tinta del País. Some of the vines to be found in the vineyards are over 50 years old.



The winery is in the Vega del Duero-Riberas de Castronuño Nature Reserva where large numbers of birds shelter. The winery’s proximity to this ecosystem has given it a profound respect for the environment and for sustainable ecology. The higher vineyards, at 700-800 meters above sea-level, experience cold, long winters and short, late springs. Summer is hot and dry, broken by the odd storm.