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World Gastronomy: Mexican Dishes | Reserva de la Tierra


Who hasn’t tried Mexican dishes? We’ve all had the chance to enjoy this magnificent and highly renowned cuisine, as it has reached all four corners of the globe. The traditional cuisine of Mexico reflects the country’s identity and personality and is in fact part of its cultural heritage.

There are a wide variety of Mexican dishes (which they call platillos). One of the most famous bases of these dishes is the “tortilla” wrap. Made with corn or flour, tortillas go well with meat, vegetables and cheese – there are so many combinations and they are all delicious!

Some of the most well-known dishes are:

Tacos: This is probably the most famous dish. Built around the staple corn or flour tortilla, there are many different sorts of Mexican tacos: suadero tacos, al pastor tacos, tacos de canasta and barbacoa tacos are just a few of the options, and they can all be filled with meat, fish, veggie or anything else you can think of! And, if we also serve them with tasty salsas like guacamole, salsa verde, salsa roja, salsa tatemada, salsa borracha and Yucatan salsa, the result is spectacular. Whether the tacos are served with meat, fish or vegetables, a red Tempranillo wine such as Elegido would be an ideal accompaniment.

Quesadillas: These corn or flour tortillas are filled with cheese, then folded in half and browned in a pan so that the cheese melts and the tortilla takes on the flavour of the oil. A young red wine full of personality, such as Solar de Alarcos CVC, will round off the experience.

Burritos:The main ingredients are grilled meat, refried beans and, of course, a tortilla, which is rolled into a tube. A variety of salsas are also added. We should go for a red wine with a hint of oak, such as Slates of Bonmont.

Enchiladas: In this case, the variety of fillings simply revolves around the type of meat used. Chicken, turkey or beef are the most common. The difference is the way that the chosen salsa is served, as this is poured over everything. Emparrado Blue would be a good accompaniment because it is fruity and slightly acidic.

Other Mexican dishes

Pozole: This is a soup made using the kernels of a certain type of corn called cacahuazintle. Pozole has been eaten for centuries and can be made with a range of meats, depending on region and taste. There is also a vegetarian version made with courgette flowers. But no matter how this dish is prepared, it will always be garnished with fresh onion, radishes, and lettuce, all chopped very finely. Full-bodied white wines, such as Loco Barber Amante, pair perfectly with this dish.

Chiles en Nogada: Some say it is the quintessential Mexican dish. It originated in the region of Puebla and is usually made with a wide and fleshy green poblano pepper, which is stuffed with meat and fruit. It is then topped with a creamy walnut-based sauce and decorated with pomegranate seeds. As the poblano pepper and pomegranate are seasonal, so is the dish. Without a doubt, you need a wine with a certain density, which is well-structured and oaky, such as a Soliterra.

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