A selection of our best wines.
Satis Dei

Exclusive Art Collection

Satis Dei Exclusive Art Collection are a cultural wines. The best vines, the best grapes and the best new artists are selected to fill the glass with beauty and flavour. We have conceived Satis Dei Exclusive Art Collection as a platform for new artists, both winemakers and painters.


World Show

Pasarela del Mundo is a fantastic trip of the senses around the World. Our winemaker has been inspired on the tradition of the Old Continent, the charisma of the New World wines and the exciting originality from new vineyards in Asia.

Pago de pelde

Winery tradition since 1943

It is called Pago to a vineyard whose particular characteristics differentiate it from the rest. Our Pago de Pelde is the result of the peculiarities of a unique place that gives to the wine its exceptional quality.


bestselling wine in spain

Elegido’s success is not the fruit of chance, but closely tied to the brand’s capacity to innovate. Since its launch in 1983, the brand has strived to distinguish itself from the traditional image of Spanish wine and adapted its offering to the needs of consumers. The true strength of a global brand lies in its ability to adapt a style and an image that can generate satisfaction across the world.

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Premium Wines

Montebro Limited Series

These wines are the culmination of our most ambitious project ever undertaken. Our Premium wines tend to transmit feelings without the excessive regard for the performance of the vineyard but a great concern for what it will provide to winelovers.